Moody’s Assigns Records To 5 Classes Of Notes Issued By SCOF-2 Ltd. [ <p> 444] New York City, January 12, 2016– Moodys Investors Service, (Moodys) Has Assigned Scores To 5 Classes Of Notes Provided By SCOF-2 Ltd. (the Company Or SCOF-2). </P> <p> </P> <p> Moodys Score Action Is As Follows:. </P> <p> </P> <p> US$ 317,500,000 Class An Elder Floating. Rate Notes Due 2028 (the Class A Notes), Appointed Aaa (sf). </P> <p> US$ 53,500,000 Class B Elder Floating. Rate Notes Due 2028 (the Class B Notes), Assigned Aa2 (sf). </P> <p> US$ 26,750,000 Class C Deferrable Mezzanine. Floating Rate Notes Due 2028 (the Class C Notes), Designated A2. (sf). </P> <p> US$ 32,250,000 Class D Deferrable Mezzanine. Floating Rate Notes Due 2028 (the Class D Notes), Designated Baa3. (sf). </P> <p> US$ 25,000,000 Class E Deferrable Mezzanine. Drifting Rate Notes Due 2028 (the Class E Notes), Assigned Ba2. (sf). </P> <p> </P> <p> The Class A Notes, The Class B Notes, The Class C Notes,. The Class D Notes And The Class E Notes Are Referred To Herein,. Collectively, As The Rated Notes. </P> <p> </P> <p> SCORES RATIONALE. </P> <p> </P> <p> Moodys Records Of The Ranked Notes Attend To The Predicted Losses Posed To. Noteholders. The Records Show The Threats Due To Defaults On The. Underlying Profile Of Assets, The Transactions Legal Structure,. And The Qualities Of The Underlying Assets. </P> <p> </P> <p> SCOF-2 Ltd. Is A Managed Cash FlowCapital CLO. The Released. Notes Will Be Collateralized Mostly By Broadly Syndicated First Lien. Senior Safe Business Loans. At Least 85 % Of The Portfolio. Have To Consist Of Senior Safe Loans And Qualified Financial Investments, And. Approximately 15 % Of The Portfolio May Consist Of Second Lien Loans And. Unsecured Loans. The Portfolio Is Around 60 % Ramped. Since The Closing Date. </P> <p> </P> <p> Symphony Possession Management LLC (the Supervisor) Will Direct The Option,. Acquisition And Disposition Of The Assets On Behalf Of The Issuer And. May Engage In Trading Activity, Consisting Of Discretionary Trading,. Throughout The Transactions Four Year Reinvestment Period. Afterwards,. The Manager May Reinvest Unscheduled Principal Payments And Profits From. Sales Of Credit Threat Possessions, Based On Certain Limitations. </P> <p> </P> <p> In Addition To The Rated Notes, The Provider Will Issue Subordinated. Notes. The Transaction Incorporates Interest And Par Protection Tests. Which, If Activated, Divert Interest And Principal Earnings. To Pay Down The Notes In Order Of Seniority. </P> <p> </P> <p> Moodys Designed The Transaction Utilizing A Cash CirculationA Capital Design Based Upon The Binomial. Growth Method, As Described In Area Of The Moodys Global Method To Rating Collateralized Loan Responsibilities. Record Method Released In December 2015. </P> <p> </P> <p> For Modeling Functions, Moodys Made Use Of The Following Base-case. Presumptions:. </P> <p> </P> <p> Par Amount: $500,000,000. </P> <p> </P> <p> Diversity Score: 50. </P> <p> </P> <p> Weighted Average Rating Aspect (WARF): 2949. </P> <p> </P> <p> Weighted Average Spread (WAS): 4.20 %. </P> <p> </P> <p> Weighted Average Voucher (WAC): 7.50 %. </P> <p> </P> <p> Weighted Average Recuperation Rate (WARR): 47.0 %. </P> <p> </P> <p> Weighted Average Life (WAL): 8.0 Years. </P> <p> </P> <p> Approach Underlying The Rating Action:. </P> <p> </P> <p> The Primary Approach Utilized In These Ratings Was Moodys Global. Approach To Score Collateralized Loan Responsibilities Released In December. 2015. Please See The Credit Policy Page On For A Copy Of This Methodology. </P> <p> </P> <p> Elements That Would Cause An Upgrade Or Downgrade Of The Record:. </P> <p> </P> <p> The Efficiency Of The Rated Notes Is Subject To Unpredictability. The. Efficiency Of The Ranked Notes Is Vulnerable To The Performance Of The. Underlying Portfolio, Which In Turn Depends Upon Economic And Credit. Conditions That Might Change. The Managers Investment Decisions. And Management Of The Deal Will Also Affect The Performance Of. The Rated Notes. </P> <p> </P> <p> Together With The Set Of Modeling Presumptions Above, Moodys Performed. An Additional Sensitivity Analysis, Which Was A PartBelonged In Determining. The Scores Assigned To The Ranked Notes. This Sensitivity Analysis. Includes Enhanced Default Probability Relative To The Base Case. </P> <p> </P> <p> Below Is A Summary Of The Effect Of An Increase In Default Possibility. (Expressed In Regards To WARF Level) On The Ranked Notes (Revealed In Terms. Of The Variety Of Notch Difference Versus The Present Model Output,. Wherein A Damaging Difference Represents Higher Predicted Losses),. Presuming That All Other Factors Are Held Equivalent:. </P> <p> </P> <p> Percentage Change In WARF– Increase Of 15 % (from. 2949 To 3391). </P> <p> </P> <p> Record Effect In Score Notches. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class A Notes: 0. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class B Notes: -2. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class C Notes: -2. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class D Notes: -1. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class E Notes: -1. </P> <p> </P> <p> Portion Modification In WARF– Increase Of 30 % (from. 2949 To 3834). </P> <p> </P> <p> Record Effect In Score Notches. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class A Notes: -1. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class B Notes: -3. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class C Notes: -3. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class D Notes: -2. </P> <p> </P> <p> Class E Notes: -2. </P> <p> </P> <p> More Details Concerning Moodys Analysis Of This Deal Might Be. Discovered In The Relevant Brand-new Concern File, Readily Available Quickly On </P> <p> </P> <p> REGULATORY DISCLOSURES. </P> <p> </P> <p> For More Specification Of Moodys Vital Record Assumptions And Level Of Sensitivity. Analysis, See The Areas Method Assumptions And Sensitivity. To Assumptions Of The Disclosure Kind. </P> <p> </P> <p> Further Info On The Representations And Warranties And Enforcement. Mechanisms Readily Available To Investors Are Offered On Http:// </P> <p> </P> <p> The Analysis Depends On An Evaluation Of Security Characteristics To. Identify The Collateral Loss Distribution, That Is, The Function. That Correlates To A Presumption About The Probability Of Occurrence To. Each Level Of Possible Losses In The Collateral. As A 2nd Step,. Moodys Assesses Each Possible Security Loss Circumstance Making Use Of A. Model That Replicates The Relevant Structural Features To Obtain Payments. And For That Reason The Ultimate Prospective Losses For Each Rated Instrument. The Loss A Rated Instrument Incurs In Each Security Loss Scenario,. Weighted By Presumptions About The Possibility Of Occasions In That Situation. Happening, Results In The Anticipated Loss Of The Rated Instrument. </P> <p> </P> <p> Moodys Quantitative Analysis Requires An Evaluation Of Circumstances. That Stress Aspects Adding To Sensitivity Of Records And Take Into. Account The Likelihood Of Serious Security Losses Or Impaired Cash CirculationsCapital. Moodys Weights The EffectInfluence On The Rated Instruments Based On Its. Presumptions Of The Likelihood Of The Occasions In Such Scenarios Taking Place. </P> <p> </P> <p> For Scores Provided On A Program, Series Or Category/class Of Debt,. This Statement Provides Particular Governing Disclosures In Relation. To Each Score Of A Subsequently Issued Bond Or Note Of The Very Same Series. Or Category/class Of Financial Obligation Or Pursuant To A Program For Which The Scores. Are Derived Specifically From Existing Scores In Accordance With Moodys. Rating Practices. For Records Released On A Support Company,. This Announcement Offers Specific Governing Disclosures In Relation. To The Credit Record Action On The Assistance Company And In Relation To. Each Specific Credit Rating Action For Securities That Derive Their. Credit Records From The Assistance Suppliers Credit Score. For Provisional Ratings, This Statement Provides Certain Governing. Disclosures In Relation To The Provisional Record Designated, And. In Relation To A Definitive Record That May Be Designated Subsequent To. The Final Issuance Of The Debt, In Each Case Where The Transaction. Structure And Terms Have Not Altered Prior To The Task Of The Conclusive. Record In A Manner That Would Have Impacted The Rating. For Even More. Details Please See The Records Tab On The Issuer/entity Page For The. Particular Company On </P> <p> </P> <p> For Any Affected Securities Or Rated Entities Getting Direct Credit. Support From The Primary Entity(ies) Of This Credit Record Action,. And Whose Scores May Change As A Result Of This Credit Rating Action,. The Associated Regulative Disclosures Will Be Those Of The Guarantor Entity. Exceptions To This Technique Exist For The Following Disclosures,. If Applicable To Jurisdiction: Ancillary Services, Disclosure. To Ranked Entity, Disclosure From Rated Entity. </P> <p> </P> <p> Regulatory Disclosures Included In This Press Release Apply To The Credit. Rating And, If Suitable, The Relevant Rating Outlook Or Score. Evaluation. </P> <p> </P> <p> </P> <p> </P> <p> </P> <p> Please See For Any Updates On Changes To. The Lead Rating Analyst And To The Moodys Legal Entity That Has Actually Provided. The Score. </P> <p> Please See The Ratings Tab On The Issuer/entity Page On For Extra Governing Disclosures For Each Credit Rating. </P> <p> Shan Lai<br> Asst Vice President – Expert<br> Structured Finance Group<br> Moodys Investors Service, Inc.<br> 250 Greenwich Street<br> New York City, NY 10007<br> USA.<br> REPORTERS: 212-553-0376<br> SUBSCRIBERS: 212-553-1653<br> </P> <p> Algis Remeza<br> Senior Vice President/Manager<br> Structured Financing Group<br> REPORTERS: 212-553-0376<br> CUSTOMERS: 212-553-1653<br> </P> <p> Launching Office:<br> Moodys Investors Service, Inc.<br> 250 Greenwich Street<br> New York, NY 10007<br> USA.<br> REPORTERS: 212-553-0376<br> CUSTOMERS: 212-553-1653<br> </P> <title>Moodys Assigns Scores To Five Classes Of Notes Released By SCOF-2 Ltd.</title> <br><br> .